Video streaming & webcasting

Online video broadcasting, whether live or on demand, has come of age on the web. With the ubiquity of broadband and the popularity of YouTube,  BBC iPlayer and a myriad of other services that integrate and distribute video content, there is never a better time to incorporate video content into your web presence. Viewing statistics of online videos indicate 10% of time spent on the web in the UK is used watching video content, with a year on year increase of 60%.

However, with the rapid progress of online video, many streaming video companies are still using legacy video streaming methods that give lower image quality and a lesser user experience, often unnecessarily expensive, than the latest standards as used by most of the world’s major broadcasters. It’s important that your video streaming provider fully understands the intricacies of this fast moving media environment, and isn’t reliant on outdated technology.

Here at ECI, we understand video streaming in detail and have the technical knowledge to advise on the best approach for your requirement, and to create full end to end solutions that incorporate all areas of a typical video for web production pipeline :-

Our knowledge of a wide range of hosting and streaming solutions allows us to advise on the best fit for your cost and performance requirements:

“A Scottish web broadcaster using a London based streaming media provider managed to decrease their substantial monthly streaming costs by 90%, while retaining their existing audience capability AND improving video quality after analysis and consultation with East Coast Interactive”.