Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) are website systems whereby the page content and structure can be authored and updated by the site owners without intervention from the site developer or designers.

Much as you would login on the web to an email account, you can login to a content management system via a web page and then start editing site content. Typically in this sort of system, different users of the system can have differing levels of authority applied to restrict which content they can alter, and changes may be logged or queued for supervisory overview before being made live on the site.

Where the web site operator is likely to have regular updates to content, and has staff to carry out editorial changes, these systems provide convenience and value over a statically deployed website where each change to the site content has to be referred to the website developer and uploaded to the web server, which may incur additional costs each time.

In some cases where content is unlikely to change often, or the structure or presentation of the site is fixed or irregular, then the additional overhead in implementation of a CMS may not be necessary.

It is possible to use either a bespoke, made for purpose CMS, or an off the shelf system already available. A bespoke system has the advantages of being tailored exactly to the users requirements without any unnecessary features to confuse operation, and can be customised as necessary to add new features as they are required. A pre-built solution may be implemented for better value as it will typically contain most of the required functionality ‘off the shelf’, but will typically also have many features in the administration pages that will be unrequired for the use case, and may hinder and confuse inexperienced users. Popular and generic CMS software may also have security issues if not kept up to date or deployed correctly, and can be more difficult to customise if a requirement lies outwith the structural constraints imposed by the system.

Here at East Coast Interactive we weigh up the current and future requirements of your content management system, and will propose a range of solutions that provide the best return on investment – whether a bespoke custom developed system, or using an existing open source or enterprise software solution. We can also extend, modify and harden your existing system.