Save Aberdeen Case Study

Zombie Golf game screenshots


The brief was to create a viral game to raise awareness of a local issue. We were given the topic of the game and the language to use throughout. Initially it was to be only the game but we decided to implement a high score table which saw a mass of return visitors looking to beat their previous score.

They say:

“We called East Coast Interactive based on a local referral and asked their opinion on our idea. Although there was a bit of hesitancy due to the somewhat delicate subject matter, they grabbed the concept and shook it up to create something which far surpassed our hopes for the game. The idea of a “High Score Table” was inspired and we regularly saw the same names returning to the website to play again. In terms of raising awareness of this subject, the game more than served it’s purpose and we will certainly work with East Coast Interactive again in the future. Good work guys!”

We say:

Sometimes a job lands in your lap that is just too much fun to turn down. The client had the basic idea for the game topic but asked our advice on how to make it fun and engaging. The first thing we did was introduce the zombie theme….everyone knows that zombies are single track going to kill you and need stopping with a golf club…don’t they? On the basis of our zombie theme and high score table addition, full creative control was awarded to us and we went about the design, illustration, animation and programming simultaneously until a few days later, we had a working prototype. Thankfully the client loved it and after ironing out one or two bugs it was launched promptly with web statistics installed for the client to monitor uptake.