Hydrastab Case Study

Hydrastab Visuals


Preparing for the biggest pitch in the company’s history – a presentation to many hundreds of industry experts in Houston – the Hydrastab board gave us one clear instruction over all others – “it MUST blow their socks off”….our speciality then! To deliver the absolute best results possible we enlisted the services of our friends at Extrude Media to build the stunning 3D animations found in this presentation. The success of a presentation can normally be measured by how much people learn from it, in this case the client sold their company off the back of it. Which made for for a happy client!

We say:

We were quick to step away from the usual PowerPoint solution often used for presentations and after discussions with the board of Hydrastab we were granted free reign to do this “the East Coast Interactive way”. We put Extrude to work on the heavy duty 3D modelling and animation while we got under way building a bespoke Flash based framework to deliver the goods.

Animated graphs, charts and technical illustration formed a large part of the presentation along with drilling and other technical data. As well as building the presentation framework to use standard navigational control, we also enabled keyboard control and a user menu to jump to any section of the show for quick and easy access during the presentation. Receiving the completed animations from Extrude, we encoded the video and built a unique video player mechanism to display them.

This project was as much about project management as it was about the technically challenging nature of it. We really got our teeth into this and the final result for Hydrastab proved it was worth the effort.