Firstphotographics Case Study

Firstphotographics Screen Shots


The brief from Aberdeenshire photography specialists First Photographics was to add user-friendly e-commerce functionality to their existing site, and a range of new features for customers. First Photographics now handle online sales that cover their Event, Property and Portrait work. Customers can also preview and purchase prints and stylised wall art created from images they upload to the site.

They Say:

“The team at East Coast Interactive took my project to heart and worked at every detail, always open, enthusiastic and imaginative. They took on board my suggestions and design, throwing ideas backwards and forward and the end result is fantastic.

The process was a pleasure and the response from both clients old and new has been truly amazing!

Already looking forward to the next excuse to work with these guys.”

Gary Small, First photographics

We Say:

Every photograph sold through the site is configurable by attributes such as size and framing that depend on the image category. The challenge for us was to factor all of these options into a maintainable and flexible bespoke codebase.

Working with First Photographics we used JQuery, Lightbox and Flash throughout the site to present images in new and refreshing ways. The overall look and feel of the site has earned good feedback from its users, and that’s where we get our job satisfaction.