CauseForce Case Study

The Underwear Affair Screenshots


The requirement was challenging, both technically and visually. The CauseForce creative team were clear in their ideas although they were more than happy to take on board our suggestions and interpretations. The brief was to create a fun viral application to promote a charity event across 6 cities in the U.S and Canada. The application allows the user to upload a picture of themselves, configure their character, choose one of the participating cities, record an audio message and play back the generated animation which includes their image, before being able to email it to their friends.

We say:

Getting a phonecall from L.A is an event in itself for any web/multimedia company in the U.K, never mind for an Aberdeen based, 4 man operation in only it’s second year of operation! We were keen to impress this multi million dollar client and pulled out all the stops to build them a worthy viral application, of course it helped that this is one of the types of thing we are best known for, indeed, that’s how causeForce came to find out about us in the first place. We began by producing character illustrations and user interface ideas to allow causeForce to see exactly how this app would look before we got started on the programming and animation. Once we were all agreed, the process was to keep causeForce updated at every step of the way through to the final production. We thoroughly enjoyed programming, animating, illustrating and designing this app and although the screenshots above show a fair bit of the user interface and animation, there really is only one way to experience this app. Follow the link below to “expose yourself to your friends”!