Geoff Runcie website launches

geoff-runcie has just been launched by East Coast Interactive.

Constructed with XHTML/CSS on the front end, this new website for successful businessman Geoff Runcie also enjoys a robust content management system allowing Geoff to keep all data relating to his career and achievements up to date with minimal fuss. An online email, calendar and document management solution was implemented meaning that Geoff now has his full portfolio of data and document assets with him wherever an internet connection is available.

This website serves as an online Curriculum Vitae and was complimented with a 4 page printed prospectus and matching business cards.

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Super Sledge Challenge is a hit!

super sledge challenge screen shot

With visitors from more than 30 countries, over 70,000 plays to date, and front page “feature” exposure on some of the biggest online Flash game websites around, the East Coast Interactive sledging game has proven to be a bit of a hit over the 2008 festive period.


Super Sledge Challenge started life as an idea near the end of November 2008 as a virtual Christmas card for East Coast Interactive to send to their clients. The idea was both simple and seasonal – To sledge down a hill as quickly as possible while dodging trees and the edges of the course while picking up presents for time bonuses. Like a lot of ideas ECI have, it quickly grew wings. While the primary function of being an interactive e-card remained very much intact, it also developed into a fully fledged online flash game with a high score table. To “go that extra mile” the ability to customize the game to add a personalised festive message was added along with a “send to a friend” feature.

Created to run on the Flash platform, the online game development technology of choice at East Coast Interactive, a number of technical options were investigated and implemented to add that extra level of playability, with a 3D library being used to give a more realistic feeling of space and motion and custom sound effects recorded to add to the atmosphere.


After wishing our clients a Merry Christmas, we released Super Sledge Challenge as a publically available Flash online game. The Community Manager for 4mations (Channel 4, Aardman Animations and Lupus Films) was seeking out festive themed games for the 4mations website and featured it on their front  page. The next port of call was newgrounds (”the original – and still the largest – Flash portal on the web”) who accepted Super Sledge Challenge to run on their site and finally the game was submitted to Kongregate. From here the game went viral, being picked up by other gaming websites and being mentioned on the pages of Digg, the feed of Twitter and even from word of mouth, the play count has continued to rise hourly.

Building an interactive online christmas card is pretty much a given for any digital media agency these days, what East Coast Interactive set out to achieve initially was no different from any other company at that particular time of year. What ECI have shown is that with a bit of extra drive, innovation and effort, it is not only achievable to get your work in front of some of the biggest names in the industry but also to get it out to a large and varied audience globally.

Super Sledge Challenge was launched mid December 2008 and (at the time of writing) continues to be very well played.

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Our Christmas E-card game

Super Sledge Challenge game

To celebrate the festive season this year we’ve created a fun e-card with a flash game. The only impact on trees is virtual (if your steering isn’t very good). Our Christmas game is a 3d sledging challenge where you need to get to the bottom of the slope as quickly as possible, by avoiding the trees and picking up presents for time bonuses on route.

To play the game go here:

You can also create your own free custom version too for your friends which will display your own Christmas greeting.

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First Photographics site upgrade

First Photographics has been upgraded to include a range of new features and e-commerce facilities.

Customers can now easily preview and purchase their images of private portraits, events and property photographs online. The site also allows customers to upload their own photos and select from a range of restoration, re-touching and stylising options to produce prints and wall art.

The bespoke shopping cart system and administrative back end was developed using PHP and MySQL. JQuery, Lightbox and Flash have been used throughout the site to add extra flare to the presentation of images.

October 29th, 2008

Snafu launched

Club Snafu
While the busy folks at Snafu closed their doors for a shiny new re-fit, we got to work on building their new website. We worked closely with them to finalise all design/development decisions before taking their gorgeous artwork, writing a lot of XHTML/CSS and wiring the lot together into a fully content managed website which doesn’t look too shabby either!

To compliment the new site, a new flash based magazine reader was lovingly assembled and rolled out in tandem with the new site.

A new look venue, new look website and new look magazine viewer…those Snafu folks don’t mess about.

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Mansell Homes website launched

Mansell Homes went live this morning. Constructed with ColdFusion/Flash/XHTML/CSS and jQuery, this content managed site gives Mansell the ability to edit the site content they need to in house, where as before they were reliant on a 3rd party to implement updates and adding new content. The ColdFusion backend was built bespoke for the task in hand, for maximum ease of use without any unnecessary bloat.

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Flash Online Designers

Flash Online Designers is a division of East Coast Interactive set up specifically to deal with the design, development and licensing of online designers for companies around the globe. Browse our current list of online designers if you are looking to licence one of our existing online design tools, or contact Flash Online Designers if you would like us to create something different for you.

For further information, head on over to

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Graeme Benzie signs up

Graeme Benzie is the latest developer/programmer to join East Coast Interactive. With a programming pedigree running from a ZX Spectrum all the way through to C++, Graeme programmed Actionscript and PHP while co-running Gravity Lab in Aberdeen with Mark McAulay. Before signing on at ECI, he spent time with an e-learning company working in Actionscript and ASP.NET. He is a natural programmer and is un-phased by whatever language people care to throw at him.

Graeme commented on his integration to the team – “It’s aright ken, get me a packet of bourbon creams….anyone for tea?”

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Positions at ECI

The time has come for us to expand! We have had a fantastically busy time of it and now we require to add to our existing 3 man team.
Web/Multimedia Developer
We have a position for an exceptional developer to join our small but expert team. Industry experience of Flash, video and web development combined with fluency in a range of programming languages on both server and the client side e.g Actionscript, javascript, PHP, .Net, Coldfusion, Ruby or python (you get the general idea). Must be able to understand and integrate multiple technologies into state of the art web applications. An unhealthy interest in the future of the web and cutting edge technologies is encouraged. The ability to have a boring technical conversation about Rich Internet Applications will also excite us.
Designer/Account Holder
We also require a designer with the ability to multitask to work alongside our design team. We are looking for someone who lives and breathes web design and knows what they’re doing with valid XHTML/CSS, plus has an eye for contemporary graphic design for the web. Any experience with flash or with web development is most definitely a bonus. We expect this candidate to also have experience of communicating directly with clients and becoming a first point of contact, so confidence, persona and technical ability are all equally important here.

Both roles
It is important that any candidates are sociable and friendly, driven, fit in with the team and are absolutely passionate about what they do. We expect enthusiasm, creativity, ideas and a laugh. In return we offer a highly creative working environment and all the kit you need to get the job done. We are an open environment, we trust our team implicitly and we love to exceed client expectations. We also enjoy going for a drink/food/game of pool from time to time. Sound like fun? Send us examples of your work, a covering letter and a c.v…Remembering that we are seeking inventive, creative and nice people…surprise us!

The Contact Details

Post: Suite K, 5 Golden Square, Aberdeen. AB10 1RD

Email :

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Mark McAulay joins the team at East Coast Interactive

We are delighted to announce Mark McAulay as the latest member of staff within East Coast Interactive. Mark comes from a background rich in web development and design and will compliment the team fantastically. Before joining ECI, he co-ran his own company building bespoke flash/php applications and standards driven, accessible websites.

On taking up his new post as Web Designer and Developer Mark commented “It’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of something special, I have discussed the plans for the company with the directors and am excited about the future here…expect great things!”

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