Adobe CS3 Launch webcast

It’s time for the next generation of Adobe creative products to be announced, “2 years + 80 million lines of code” they say, I’ve just watched their live webcast . . some things that caught my eye . .

Flash CS3

  • Coding enhancements including a better debugger and improved editing e.g collapsing
  • Advanced QuickTime export – wahoo! At last, you can use nested and scripted elements within video output, no more arsing about trying to render from director or trying to get a screen cap movie without dropping frames..
  • Convert animation to code – handy for taking a complex path and being able to manipulate programatically.
  • Improved import with proper Illustrator handling
  • New lightweight UI components – flex quality widgets hopefully.

Photoshop CS3

  • As somebody that enjoys photography (in particular panoramas) the ‘align layers’ features is killer, I’ve been using it heavily in the cs3 beta. Chuck a bunch of photos in, 30 seconds later you have an (almost) perfectly aligned set of images just needing slight ‘crossover’ adjustments using dodge and burn tools to match exposures , and some deft eraser work to fade any glitches.
  • Faster startup
  • Video frames to layers – plus these can then be edited in a ’stack’.

Dreamweaver CS3

  • AJAX widgets built in
  • ‘Check browser compatibility’ feature – flags up common problems in certain browsers

Aftereffects CS3

  • puppet tool: chop up and animate images easily with inverse kinematics type linking of elements
  • swf integration
  • photoshop cs3 vanishing point manipulated image to animatable 3d model in aftereffects

Encore CS3

  • Output a dvd project directly to web (with all menus + video!) as a swf

The webcast was also a great example of why it’s a good idea to have a backup Plan B when presenting a live broadcast, as when their projector failed.. then they tried to do an impromptu q & a to the gathered crowd to try and fill the down time.. damn they looked awkward and ill-prepared as they struggled with the answers lol.

Shame the downtime cut back on the full program of announcements when they resumed, but details will be out soon as they all go on sale in the next few weeks.

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Adobe Apollo public alpha launch

Apollo is a new cross-platform development product from Adobe targetted at leveraging web development skills onto the desktop. Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript & Ajax skills will all be able to be integrated into apollo applications.

In keeping with Adobe’s recently more open policy like with Adobe Flex, the public alpha is available at the labs website, and it’s been announced that the sdk and compiler will be available for free, enabling more users to experience and build applications with this tool.

I’ll be interested to see how other vendors of tools in this area respond – I’ve been a fan of multidmedias zinc for rapid interactive application development, it utilises flash and extends it with many features you need on the desktop or for cd-rom, but while it is feature rich I’ve found it can sometimes be buggy and of course to use it cross platform requires an additional licence.

I suspect this may well become the defacto standard in the field, I can think of a heap of applications such as branded audio/video/messaging/games/viral widgets that’ll benefit from the speed and capabilities of actionscript 3.0 combined with the desktop system and network connectivity that apollo enables.

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