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Geoff Runcie website launches


www.geoffruncie.com has just been launched by East Coast Interactive.

Constructed with XHTML/CSS on the front end, this new website for successful businessman Geoff Runcie also enjoys a robust content management system allowing Geoff to keep all data relating to his career and achievements up to date with minimal fuss. An online email, calendar and document management solution was implemented meaning that Geoff now has his full portfolio of data and document assets with him wherever an internet connection is available.

This website serves as an online Curriculum Vitae and was complimented with a 4 page printed prospectus and matching business cards.


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First Photographics site upgrade

First Photographics

www.firstphotographics.co.uk has been upgraded to include a range of new features and e-commerce facilities.

Customers can now easily preview and purchase their images of private portraits, events and property photographs online. The site also allows customers to upload their own photos and select from a range of restoration, re-touching and stylising options to produce prints and wall art.

The bespoke shopping cart system and administrative back end was developed using PHP and MySQL. JQuery, Lightbox and Flash have been used throughout the site to add extra flare to the presentation of images.


October 29th, 2008

Snafu launched

Club Snafu
While the busy folks at Snafu closed their doors for a shiny new re-fit, we got to work on building their new website. We worked closely with them to finalise all design/development decisions before taking their gorgeous artwork, writing a lot of XHTML/CSS and wiring the lot together into a fully content managed website which doesn’t look too shabby either!

To compliment the new site, a new flash based magazine reader was lovingly assembled and rolled out in tandem with the new site.

A new look venue, new look website and new look magazine viewer…those Snafu folks don’t mess about.



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Mansell Homes website launched

Mansell Homes
www.mansellhomes.co.uk went live this morning. Constructed with ColdFusion/Flash/XHTML/CSS and jQuery, this content managed site gives Mansell the ability to edit the site content they need to in house, where as before they were reliant on a 3rd party to implement updates and adding new content. The ColdFusion backend was built bespoke for the task in hand, for maximum ease of use without any unnecessary bloat.


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Flash Online Designers

Flash Online Designers is a division of East Coast Interactive set up specifically to deal with the design, development and licensing of online designers for companies around the globe. Browse our current list of online designers if you are looking to licence one of our existing online design tools, or contact Flash Online Designers if you would like us to create something different for you.

For further information, head on over to www.flashonlinedesigners.com

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ETPM website Launched

This week saw the launch of the new ETPM website. Built with a php/mysql backend and XHTML/CSS/JQUERY front end, this content managed site allows ETPM to manage job vacancies and online applications. As well as building a bespoke backend, we also gave the whole site a massive overhaul on the front end bringing it into line with web standards and utilising unobtrusive javascript.


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The Cyrenians

We were delighted to recently launch the new, fully content managed and accessible website for the Cyrenians.

Maintaining close communication with this well known and respected charity, we worked all out to far exceed their expectations on the site and delivering them an easy to use application with which to manage their new web presence.

Visit the new website here: http://www.aberdeen-cyrenians.org

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