Basic query using ColdFusion or PHP

Following on from our previous post showing the process of removing spaces from strings with both ColdFusion and PHP, this example shows the process for querying some data and returning it to the browser as an unordered list. Again, a very basic example but one which shows how these two technologies handle the same thing.

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Removing spaces from a string with ColdFusion or php

This is one of those little problems that pop up frequently and to show how it’s done in CFML as well as our other house language PHP, we’ve put these examples up for you. This method is using a regular expression. (more…)

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Flash Online Designers

Flash Online Designers is a division of East Coast Interactive set up specifically to deal with the design, development and licensing of online designers for companies around the globe. Browse our current list of online designers if you are looking to licence one of our existing online design tools, or contact Flash Online Designers if you would like us to create something different for you.

For further information, head on over to

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Full Browser Flash Blog with Five3D

Recently I have been evaluating some of the open source flash 3D engines. I checked out Papervision3D, Sandy3D and Away3D. These are large full featured engines however there is also Five3D which allows you to render smooth shapes and text.

Full Browser 3D with Flash ActionScript3.0

I was thinking about how great it would be to have a full web page that looks just like a normal html page but is infact a full browser 3D flash page. The aim would be to briefly trick an html/css purist before unleashing some 3D trickery. Anyway I downloaded the Five3D library and expanded one of the examples to recreate my blog in 3D.

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The Library, Classes and MovieClips in AS3

This post describes some of the differences I have stumbled over whilst working with actionscript 3.0 and Flash CS3 compared to earlier versions.

It starts with Export for Actionscript

In AS2 if you wanted to access the properties of an instance on the stage from code you had to ensure that the “export for actionscript” checkbox was selected in the linkage properties for that MovieClip in the library. If it wasnt your code wouldn’t see the instance and would fail silently. This was pretty confusing at first and even once you got used to it there would be times that it would still catch you out.

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AS3 Basic Setup

Writing your first Actionscript 3.0 application with Flash CS3? Here is a quick guide to get the basics set up.

The basic set-up includes one .fla file and one .as file.

First create a fla. You can name this whatever you like. Maybe myFirstApp.fla. At this point you could start writing code directly into a frame on the timeline however best coding practice is to define a document class.

The document class can be specified by entering the name of a class into the property panel for the document. This is the same place where you would specify the size of your swf. Think of a name for your document class, maybe: myFirstApp. The document class doesnt have to have the same name as your main fla there is no link between them.

By typing myFirstApp into the property panel you are telling flash to create an instance of the myFirstApp class when the fla runs.


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ETPM website Launched

This week saw the launch of the new ETPM website. Built with a php/mysql backend and XHTML/CSS/JQUERY front end, this content managed site allows ETPM to manage job vacancies and online applications. As well as building a bespoke backend, we also gave the whole site a massive overhaul on the front end bringing it into line with web standards and utilising unobtrusive javascript.

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The Cyrenians

We were delighted to recently launch the new, fully content managed and accessible website for the Cyrenians.

Maintaining close communication with this well known and respected charity, we worked all out to far exceed their expectations on the site and delivering them an easy to use application with which to manage their new web presence.

Visit the new website here:

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Graeme Benzie signs up

Graeme Benzie is the latest developer/programmer to join East Coast Interactive. With a programming pedigree running from a ZX Spectrum all the way through to C++, Graeme programmed Actionscript and PHP while co-running Gravity Lab in Aberdeen with Mark McAulay. Before signing on at ECI, he spent time with an e-learning company working in Actionscript and ASP.NET. He is a natural programmer and is un-phased by whatever language people care to throw at him.

Graeme commented on his integration to the team – “It’s aright ken, get me a packet of bourbon creams….anyone for tea?”

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Positions at ECI

The time has come for us to expand! We have had a fantastically busy time of it and now we require to add to our existing 3 man team.
Web/Multimedia Developer
We have a position for an exceptional developer to join our small but expert team. Industry experience of Flash, video and web development combined with fluency in a range of programming languages on both server and the client side e.g Actionscript, javascript, PHP, .Net, Coldfusion, Ruby or python (you get the general idea). Must be able to understand and integrate multiple technologies into state of the art web applications. An unhealthy interest in the future of the web and cutting edge technologies is encouraged. The ability to have a boring technical conversation about Rich Internet Applications will also excite us.
Designer/Account Holder
We also require a designer with the ability to multitask to work alongside our design team. We are looking for someone who lives and breathes web design and knows what they’re doing with valid XHTML/CSS, plus has an eye for contemporary graphic design for the web. Any experience with flash or with web development is most definitely a bonus. We expect this candidate to also have experience of communicating directly with clients and becoming a first point of contact, so confidence, persona and technical ability are all equally important here.


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